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PKF Funds and Family Office provides family offices and fund management businesses with access to on-the-ground expertise in New York, London and Dublin.

As independent members of PKF International, the global accountancy network, we provide a complete range of services to clients including administration, audit, and strategic support for major initiatives such as acquisitions or the creation of new funds.

We are known for the high calibre people that we employ and our class-leading technology platform.  Above all, our clients choose us because we are business people: many of them already have accountants working with them, and they come to us because they want sound advice that will help them grow their businesses.

For more information about how we can help your family office or fund management business, please get in touch.


COVID-19 Accelerator Series

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PKF Funds & Family Office COVID-19 Accelerator series

Our COVID-19 Accelerator series is designed to highlight the impact COVID-19 is having on families, their offices and their businesses with a focus on areas where COVID-19 will accelerate change

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Crisis Management - Best practices and priorities for enterprising families

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have set out our thoughts on best practice and a series of questions that can be used by families to more effectively deal with the crisis, strategically and proactively.

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